Potty Racers 5

    Potty racers 5 is the fifth version of the game series named Potty racers. The series was developed by Gonzo games. Gonzo games is a game show that aired on the USA Network from October 6, 1991 to April 1992. Mark L. Walberg made his debut as a game show host on this series. The show was produced by Stone Stanley Productions.

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    Potty racers 5 is the latest version of the series. It has many interesting features that helps it attracts many players. Through five times upgraded, it must be the most attractive version, but I think the four versions before have it owned outstanding feature that this version doesn’t have. In other words, each version of the series has it owned attraction. Therefore, if you like action games, you shouldn’t ignore any games of this series. After playing them, you may be addicted to all of the five versions.


    The main character of the series has desire to fly to the sky with a porta potty and your mission in all the series is to help him fly. If you love flying or travelling, you should try them now, they are wonderful games that are very suitable for you. In each version, the departure or the place where you fly is changed. In the first version and the second, the scenes are no name places. However, the scenes of the following version are amazing. Don’t be so surprised when you see them because I will tell you some hints now.


    In the first levels of the third version, there are no name places too. However, when you fly to space, all the planets have their name, right? You will fly to the Mars in level 26. While flying, the main character will get out of his potty spaceship to dance the moonwalk.
In the fourth version, you travel around the world to fly. The first country is USA. In each country, you will visit the famous cities of that country and fly there. You will fly to the famous places of the city. Those famous places are regarded the landmarks to mark where have you came.


    I will not say anything about the scenes of the fifth version and let you discover yourself. If I reveal everything about the games before you play it, it can become so boring. Now, it’s time to play Potty racers 5 to see how wonderful it is and remember what I said, you can be blown away by the game.

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