Potty Racers 4

   Potty racers 4 is the fourth edition of the game series named Potty racers. They were all developed by Gonzo games.

   Because the game has been upgraded many times, this 4th version has many outstanding features. Let me show you how wonderful it is.

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   First, the design of the game had a breakthrough. In the first edition, the design is very simple. There are only four hills for you to fly there. In the second version, there are four places too, but the scene is changed. You don’t fly on land, you have to fly from a side crossing the sea. In the third version, you still have to cross the sea, but the scene around is a bit more beautiful. In the 4th version, the scene totally changed, you fly in very big cities and they are very suitable for sightseeing.


   The controls and the options have no insignificant change. However, the rules are different. In the first version, the game calculates your achievement by the height and the distance that you can fly. The second version calculates only by the distance. In the 3rd version, you have to do many things. Not only try to fly high and far away, you also have to collect the toilet and star on the way. In the 4th version, you have to collect the star too, but the mission is related to the famous places lined up on your way as landmarks. It marks how far you can fly.


   Additionally, in the version before, you just fly. In the third version, you can get out of your potty spaceship to dance the moonwalk while flying to the moon, the Mars. In the fourth edition, you can do the sightseeing when you fly across a lot of such famous places such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, Hollywood, Rushmore Mount and so on. I’m sure that they will blow you away.


   In spite of being outstanding in features, the fourth version of the series is the most difficult of the four versions. In the three versions before, you just have to fly to reach the aim of the game, but in this version, there are so many missions required. Flying high and far away is not enough for you to complete the missions. You have to get the star at the required places or fly across the last landmark.

   If you like challenges or you love sightseeing, Potty racers 4 is wonderful game that you can’t ignore. Now, are you ready to challenges?

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