Potty Racers 3

   Potty racers 3 is the third version of the game series named Potty racers. They are actions game created by Gonzo games. The Potty racers 3 are the latest version of the three games. Therefore, to compare with the two other, it has some outstanding features.

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   Because it is totally upgrade, it is almost different from the two before version except for the rule.
In the three games, you play as a guy who dreams of flying by a porta potty. Your mission is to make his dream come true.

   In Potty racers 1 and 2, you have to fly yourself with the potty. After each flight, you receive money as reward and use it to buy tools for your potty. However, in this version, there are lots of things in the sky that you can touch, they will help you a lot in the game.


   For example, if you touch stars or toilets, your score will increase. A pot of flame is a booster which brings you power to fly higher and further. There are many of the boosters in the sky.
This help you fly higher and further but the standard increase significantly. The mission requires of the game are much more difficult. This 3rd version is the most difficult one in the three versions.


   Additionally, the upgrade that you used to use in the two versions before is upgraded in this version. There are many kinds of things for upgrading your potty plane. Till you fly to Mars, it is not the potty plane anymore, it is the potty spaceship. However, flying to Mars is not an easy mission to complete. So you have to try your best in the practice to buy a lot of things to join to your potty-plane-spaceship, try to make the sky be full of booster, so that you can be easily fly to the mars.


   The much more difficult missions of this game make players who love challenges so excited. Furthermore, the idea fly to Mars seems to be so interesting. In real life, human beings still have not reach Mars. The reason why it becomes attractive like this is the sky full of boosters, which requires players always have to use the keyboard to control the flying way of the potty-plane-spaceship. Only in this way do players can touch the booster as many as you want.
Now, do you want to fly to Mars with me?

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